Wish Upon A Dish: Meal Starter Nutrition Charts ♥ Important Information Everyone Should Know

February 16, 2014

Meal Starter Nutrition Charts ♥ Important Information Everyone Should Know

Diabetes Self-Management sent me a free trial a while back and while throwing away junk cleaning my desk, I always like to give things a final once over before tossing them out.

I found this article on meal starters and like my series on Best Fast Food Choices for Diabetics, I thought I would share a nutrition chart with a good comparison amongst the most nation-wide food manufacturer's "meal helpers" and "dinner mixers".

Diabetic diets are not cookie cut list of foods to eat and which ones to not. Main reason why it is hard to maintain blood glucose levels for most. I was lucky, my doctor had enough sense to test me (even though no one in my family had diabetes) and warned me I was .2 points away from full blown diabetes.

That scared the crap out of me because I knew my SIL was injecting and there was no way I would follow in her footsteps. That was the week I started this blog, not to make money but as a place to store my findings, my recipes and all the information I knew I was going to have to digest.

It was a virtual filing cabinet of sorts and if someone happened to pass through and find something helpful for a loved one also struggling with BG levels, I hope I was able to offer some help.

There are three very important facts that doctors and diabetic health care professionals do agree on....
No more than 12 grams of saturated fat, only 200 mg of cholesterol and 2300 mg of sodium per day.

Personally I think all three is very obtainable. It is quite possible that the starter you prefer is not on the list (so many more on the shelves nowadays), but knowing the best allowable amounts of sat fat, cholesterol and sodium will allow you to make the best choices.

While most mother's know preparing food from scratch is the ideal way to feed her family, it's just not doable every night of the week and for Seniors with physical limitations, meal starters are the only way most can prepare a meal. While not opposed to them, I do wish better nutrition will soon become the norm for packaged goods.


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