Wish Upon A Dish: Spinach and Cheese Omelet for the Omelet Impaired

February 24, 2014

Spinach and Cheese Omelet for the Omelet Impaired

If you are like me and your omelets don't look like Julia's, even though you have watched the pro's make them a hundred times, this is the best way to cheat and make one that doesn't look half bad.

I heard on Dr. Oz that eggs for breakfast gives one the best amount of protein in the morning along with enough staying power to last as long as oatmeal but without all those carbs.
A win-win in my book.

So since then my new favorite go to breakfast is an egg white omelet with spinach and provolone cheese. Did you know that provolone is considered a 'hard' cheese and therefore is OK for those on a low carb diet? I think it's because hard cheeses loose milk fat as they age.

What makes this so great is there is no more cooking the spinach first, then squeezing the water out and no more jerking the pan. Your cheater omelet is cooked and on the table in 5 minutes.

First thing you need to do is spray the pan with a release agent. Throw a handful of spinach leaves into the pan, cover with a lid for 2 minutes and then gently pour a 1/3 cup of egg substitute or 1 extra large egg that is beaten with a teaspoon of water, over the spinach.

Cover the pan again for another 2 minutes while the eggs set. Place two slices or 1 ounce grated provolone or Swiss cheese down the center of the eggs and cover for 1 minute.

Shut off the heat, flip one side over so that the edge is in the middle, then flip again get your plate.
The eggs will finish cooking and the cheese will melt with the residual heat.

Season with a pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper and breakfast is ready. Depending on the day, sometimes I will use ketchup and other times I will use Frontera Grill's salsa (yum). I also will grab a bunch of grapes to finish the meal on a sweet note.


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