Wish Upon A Dish: Cruise to Bermuda ♥ Day One

July 9, 2014

Cruise to Bermuda ♥ Day One

If anyone knows me, they know, even though I have a blog (and a food one at that!), I am terrible at taking food pictures when I am in a restaurant. I imagine because to me a meal in a restaurant is a day off and I don't want to take pics on my day off.

So, it is inevitable that I always leave the best on the table.

Two weeks ago we took a mini-vacation, a cruise to Bermuda. We had been there 22 years ago on The Nudge's first ever ocean cruise. Unless you love to snorkel or jet ski there really wasn't much to see but we needed the rest and time to unwind after a miserable winter. The ship we were on, the Summit, was the first of the Millennium line built by Celebrity Cruises, and that was for our 12 day Panama Canal cruise 12 years ago. Back then they were owned by the Chandris family and a few years back they were bought by Royal Caribbean. We stopped cruising for ten years worried it would not be the same, but Royal was smart enough to leave it alone (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) and the reviews were good. Two years ago we took a cruise across the pond to the Mediterranean for 14 days.

All this nostalgia made for a perfect cruise. We knew the ship, we already new the island and the weather was perfect.

This time around we decided to just walk the towns, visit a few beaches and maybe a museum or two.
I have to say, the best part of the three day dock was the visit to the Zoo & Aquarium.

There is no food in this post, this is about the Navy Dockyard, the Trolley and the local ferry. Tomorrow I will showcase a popular beach and a few local restaurants and streets.

22 years ago we docked right up on Front street, Hamilton. As cruising became wildly popular the Bermudians knew they had to re-situate the cruise ships to the Naval Dockyard.
We were parked behind..................

......Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Breakaway, who followed us all the way there from New York.

There is a well organized trolley that travels back and forth from the Ferry Dock to the cruise ship dock all day long, free of charge.

The Naval Dockyard housed an 18th century prison, a Commodores residence, as well as local boats and excursion trips......

There is a ferry system that goes from Hamilton to St George, a World Heritage Site and then to two other places on the 22 mile island. Tickets can be purchased right near the ships, in Hamilton or any place the ferry docks. The small town in the dockyard also houses the National Museum of Bermuda and a Dolphin Quest where the kids can pet dolphins. A great place to start while planning the details of the rest of the vacation.

Beautiful island, wonderful, friendly people and a great place to take it slow.
Bad point: It is expensive so search for great deals if you can. The cruise is the best way to test the waters for, maybe, a future trip.

More in a few days.

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