Wish Upon A Dish: Cruise to Bermuda ♥ Day Three

July 14, 2014

Cruise to Bermuda ♥ Day Three

These pictures are a few of the animals, fish and amphibians that are housed at the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo. For a small place, there is quite a lot of things on display for children of all ages. The best part is that is certain areas of the zoo you are actually in the cage with the animals.

The displays are build with a path through them so everyone is touching close to all the animals. We both got such a kick out of looking right into the eyes of the animals as they scurried along the same paths as you are walking on. The only fence barrier were for the parrots because they could bite the kids. They have 14 different areas divided into island animals, a Discovery Zone, Seal Pool, Alligator Exhibit and the Aquarium tanks.

The ways to get there are by bus in St. George's, taxi and an excursion you can book through your ship.
It's a great boat ride along the north side of the island.

This is the cove that the boat travels through to get to the dock outside the Zoo.
Look at the color of that water.

One of the houses along the canal. All the roofs are built like a step pyramid so that the rain water can be collected into an underground tank that each house has.
Bermuda has no natural wells, all their water comes from rain.

Everyone that owns a house on the water has a boat to get around. The amount of cars allowed is strictly enforced by the government.
Unless someone stops driving or moves away, no new cars are allowed.

I am not sure of the name for each fish or lizard but I thought they were interesting enough to show you.
This is an Asian lionfish. It was brought to the US to eat algae and moss and bacteria and all it managed to do was to wipe out our native species. Fortunately they are good eats (snapper anyone?) but they can only be caught with nets or harpoons. In Asia they are considered a delicacy. They can have them back.
Pretty though, huh?



I think this is a puffer fish. Very scary indeed.

 A moray eel. This sucker is over 4 feet long. Just can't see it.

Poisonous frogs that are no more than an 1-inch long. I could not get a good pic of the bright red ones but the yellows posed long enough to show you the size compared to the leaf.

A couple of lizards.

A beautiful parrot. There are actually two of the same kind in one cage.

This is called a tomato frog, I wonder why?

Galapagos Tortoises

A pair of bats.
Hanging right in front of us.

Flamingos. I have never been this close to one. Their color is actually a bright pink.

Absolutely gorgeous red herons.

This is called an Agouti. They are just a big guinea pig from Papua, New Guinea.
Ran right in front of me and down the path. It stopped long enough to catch a pic before it disappeared into it's cave.

A pair of river otters. They are so cute, I really wanted to pet one but The Nudge stopped me....lol

If you do go to Bermuda or know someone who is going, you must insist they visit the Zoo & Aquarium.
I highly recommend it and if I ever go back to Bermuda, I will plan on visiting once again.

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