Wish Upon A Dish: Washington DC, here we come!

May 3, 2013

Washington DC, here we come!

We are off on a road trip for two weeks.
The Nudge has never been to Washington DC and we decided to take vacations that require lots of walking while our bodies are still willing and able.

After we wreck havic in our nation's capitol, we run up to Baltimore to eat every soft shelled crab we can (and to catch an Oriole game). Our next destination has us heading south again, where we will spend three days fishing and eating up and down the Chesapeake Bay while taking a few hours to tour the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Most people forget Annapolis is a very historic town, not just about the academy.

The only food that will be posted from the road will be the food that someone else cooked and pictures of all the sites along the way (maybe even a small history lesson now and then).

I bought all the necessary connectors to download pictures from my Kodak and Nikon onto my iPad so while there is no fancy editing, you get to see the other photographer in the family's pictures.
The Nudge gets to take all the scenic pics, while I get the food. It's one way to keep him interested in all the museums and monuments.

Here's hoping the weather is great and and the food even better. I have picked a few famous places to dine in and a few are even holes in the wall but I am armed with good reviews. I will be the host of our personal Diners, Drive-In's & Dives show.

Before we leave for home I do expect our SUV to be full of tax-free wines and spirits and hopefully some of them make the trip home unopened!!

Later, gators.................

Mr. Obama, here we comeeeeeee!!!

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