Wish Upon A Dish: No More Sugar Coating, Panera's

June 9, 2013

No More Sugar Coating, Panera's

Time for another "Rant or Rave" post. Saturday's shopping chores have always started with a trip to Panera's, for as long as they built one in my neighborhood.
Two reasons..... I believe in eating, not drinking, your breakfast (meaning coffee, not smoothies) and it's a break and a nice treat, for me.

Vacation, busy weekends and life disrupted our Saturday schedule lately and yesterday was the first time we went back in over a month.

Let me tell you, lots can happen in a month.

Seems the whole company is getting a makeover.
New decor, new foods.
I'm sure the new interior will be exciting but I already have an issue with the food.

Mr. Panera, explain to me that when daily news releases are subjugating less sugar, better meal choices, fast food companies to revamp their menu items, etc...someone that works in the Big House has made the decision to not just sugar coat their interior, but everything inside those walls.

ALL the scones are now dipped in a sugar glaze, the muffins are now Apple 'crunch' or Blueberry 'crunch', which means a sugar crunch topping.
OMG!! How disappointed was I?
I am sorry Panera's, but ashamed of this recent decision. There really were enough items previously in your store to readily appeal to the sugar addicts out there, but at what time did you think that sugar coating every scone or muffin I loved and could eat guilt-free, was a good idea???
I will still buy your breads and rolls, but you have forced me to seek out another breakfast venue to start my day and I would like to inform you that somewhere a wire must have been crossed, because when I said that going to Panera's was a treat, someone must have heard "everyone wanted more treats at Panera's".

Sincerely yours,
A Diabetic & family members who care about me

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