Wish Upon A Dish: 5 Minute Fridge to Table Broccoli

June 1, 2013

5 Minute Fridge to Table Broccoli

When days are busy and the time gets by you and on those days, dinner is due in less than an hour and you already have the grill ready for that steak or chicken. So tell me, who wants to put the oven on to roast broccoli?

Not me, thank you.

I have a full-proof way to cook broccoli in the microwave and no one would be the wiser. Tastes as good as steamed, uses no dishes (no washing either, yay!) and all you need is a paper towel and five minutes.
Wash the broccoli, cut the stems from the head and reform them on a large piece of paper towel (I use three half-sheets), floret facing outward, in a circular pattern.

Pull up the sides and tuck in the ends to make a nice packet.
Wet the packet just enough to moisten the towel but not enough where it drips into your hand.
Place the broccoli on a paper plate or on a microwave rack, and nuke for 5 minutes on high (if your machine is an older one, you may need 6 minutes).
Careful to not open the packet until the steam inside settles down, about 2 minutes.

Cut open the towel, remove the broccoli, sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt. Done.

I actually like my broccoli steamed this way. Yes, I like steamed and roasted. Sometimes a meal calls for steaming. Different textures are important in a meal and steamed vegetables remain slightly crunchy which is perfect for grilled or roasted meats or fish.

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