Wish Upon A Dish: Semi-Homemade Baked Beans

June 4, 2013

Semi-Homemade Baked Beans

I am a huge fan of baked beans, and we don't eat enough of them to warrant making a huge batch that needs to cook for hours. I am not a fan of freezing baked beans.
One can of B&M beans with a few additions of seasonings is perfect for those times when we grill a quick backyard meal and need a quick side.

The secret is to use the same flavoring ingredients that you would if you were baking these from scratch.
I could eat these beans every night with dinner but they are rich and they do their best work on the table with simple foods.
Well, that's what The Nudge says, so I try to oblige.

Last night I made a batch of ribs on the grill and after removing them from our Weber, there was enough residual heat left in the coals to throw a ramekin of these beans on while I set the table and plated the salads.
In the summer I spend as much time outside as I can and easy is always the best option. When I can have baked beans the way I like them, without fuss, I am all for it.
Don't get me wrong, scratch beans in the winter can be a wonderful thing, but baking for hours in the summer? I don't think so.

Use your slow cooker Sue....no thank you, except for a recipe for a gigantic party amount by America's Test Kitchen, it is virtually impossible to make a small batch well in that huge cavernous insert.

Our best use for these beans has to be with hot dogs. We like to use them as a topping along with these.

Gingered Baked Beans
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Makes : 12 ounces

* 1 can B&M Baked Beans, original recipe
* 1 tablespoon each ketchup, brown mustard, brown sugar sub (or brown sugar)
* 1 teaspoon ground galangal (ginger)
* 1/2 teaspoon each Season-All and Goya Adobo (any flavor)

Mix everything together and cook until bubbly and thick.
Grill, bake in the oven or on top of the stove.

Note: I will mash the remainder to make refried beans for quesadillas later in the week, with pulled pork, the Chipotle Chimichurri Steak Sauce and Pepper Jack cheese.....yum!

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