Wish Upon A Dish: Eggs Benedict & Fillet Mignons...a good way to end the summer

September 6, 2010

Eggs Benedict & Fillet Mignons...a good way to end the summer

4 meat
1 starch
1/4 milk
1 fat

The Nudge loves Eggs Benedict and asks for it at least once a month. I admit I use the Knorr Hollandaise and I'm not afraid to say it. I can use a butter sub and skim milk and it still comes out thick and rich and it tastes good. I'm not sure you could make a healthy, homemade hollandaise with ingredient substitutions.

I tried a yogurt version about 20 years ago and The Nudge still refers to it as lemon eggs.......lol.

It was horrible. So...until someone can come up with a healthy version of homemade hollandaise, I will use the packet.

As you can see, the facts are not all that bad. As a matter of fact, I worked it 3 different ways:
1. Poached eggs on top of zucchini fritters with a homemade hollandaise.
2. Poached eggs on top of 1 slice 7 grain toast (using 3" biscuit cut circles out of 1 slice) with Knorr hollandaise.
3. Poached eggs on a whole wheat english muffin with Knorr Hollandaise.
This is the way I make them.

I buy 2 slices (1/8" thick) of a good quality low-sodium ham that's on sale at the market and use a 3" cutter to make 4 slices. I toast 2 Thomas' Whole-Wheat English muffins. Place the ham on the muffins after toasting but leave in the oven to heat. Drain poached eggs quickly on a paper towel and place on top of ham and grate black pepper over them. Put 2 pieces on a warmed stoneware plate and using a small sauce boat, pour 1 tablespoon hollandaise over each and serve immediately.

Dinner tonight is grilled Fillet Mignon's, Bleu cheese salad with the last of my yellow grape tomatoes and a half a twice baked potato (1 for both of us).
Wine: Fog Head Pinot Noir

My Twice Baked Potato
* 1 tbls butter
* 1 baked potato, cut in half lenghtwise
* 2 tbls creme fraiche (or lite sour cream)
* salt & pepper
* grated cheddar cheese
* shallot & garlic, minced
* parsley, minced
Saute shallot with garlic in butter. Add to a bowl.
Scoop the insides out of the potato into the bowl, leaving 1/4" of potato. Add creme fraiche (I make my own using 1:1 low-fat buttermilk and cream, left overnight on the counter) salt & pepper, parsley and taste. When it tastes good to you, pile the insides into the potato halves and top with cheddar cheese. After the steaks are grilled and resting, add the potato halves and right on the grill grate, close the lid (or place a foil tent or stainless steel bowl over) and bake until the cheese is melted and slightly crispy on top.

The Nudge deemed them very good (always a good thing in this house).
I had a silver dollar sized fillet (I am not a beef eater) and 1/2 of a half of a potato and 2 cups of salad.

I have to give a shout-out to Litehouse Salad dressings. They are gluten-free and diabetic friendly and very delicious and satisfying. I just wish they had more flavors in my market.

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